What is

Episcopal Analytics?

Are you an Episcopal Communicator who knows there are tools out there (like Google Analytics and Google Data Studio, to name a few) but feels overwhelmed by all the options?  

What if you had the skill set to handle your website(s) in house and stopped contracting them out?  

Join today. Be a part of a community which exists for the sole purpose of bridging the skill gap between what we ‘should’ be doing online, and what we are doing online.

Together, we’ll learn how to reflect and amplify the communities we so dearly love in our online spaces.

A Weekly Newsletter Episcopal Communicators

Dedicated to talking about Google Analytics in language church leadership can understand and effectively use.

If you are on this list, you’ll have access to free webinars, great blog articles, and resources designed to create welcoming spaces online.

I’m an Episcopalian, and I’m certified by Google to explain Google Analytics.  The numbers our sites generate are not just numbers.  Rather, they are literally a snapshot of how welcoming and invitational our churches are in online spaces. 

Joseph Merrill

Digital Communications Manager

Trinity Church in the city of Boston