18 months into the pandemic... and...

Analytics is Pastoral

We are online first, and then we are in person. Trust is built online. Interest is established online. 

Find me.

As strange as it sounds to say, this is how we all interact with the internet.  

What do the interests you discover, the things you buy, and the radicalization you indulge in all have in common?

30 years in, we are all conditioned to respond to things online that respond to us when we click on them.

When is the last time you asked an actual human before you asked Google a question that ‘really’ mattered? 

Without actually changing anything, your website analytics have the ability to give you insight into the types of questions people are having about God in your city. Why not find out? People want to be engaged with in these questions in a way that is gentle, authentic, and caring. But they don’t want to have to try very hard to be found. 

I can show you how to see these conversations. You already know how to produce content that holds this space with people.

When they are ready, they’ll ‘out’ themselves by removing their layer of anonymity and filling out a contact form. Your analytics strategy is the process you use to build trust. Lets work together.